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If you are new to the Recruitment industry and want to jump-start your first year or you are a more experienced recruiter and want to get to that next level, you will benefit from one of our Hi-Rez recruitment training programs.

Our Hi-Rez programs focus on the fundamentals in every stage of the Recruitment process. New recruiters need all the tools to be successful. Throwing new-hires into “deep water” to see if they can swim is a waste of time , money and destroys your teams moral. Solid training breeds long-lasting, superior habits that build strong recruiters who generate more production year after year.

Not investing in new recruiters is obviously a poor choice, but it just takes one piece of the hiring mechanism to malfunction, for overall hiring and repeat business to be affected. Ignoring the training needs of your more senior staff can be just as costly. Don’t forget your senior recruiters or your Sales team.
Our experience in selling and buying recruitment services provides a unique perspective that comes out in our training programs. Get better clients, keep them longer, get exclusive business. Learn how to hand pick your clients.


Training Modules:
Our training programs are modular based and can be taken as a whole program or customized for your personal or companies unique needs.

Recruitment Process Overview
ATS / CTS Systems
Consulting with Hiring Managers
Qualifying and Preparing Job Descriptions
Creating and Posting jobs
Candidate Search – Sourcing 101
Reading / Screening Resumes and Understanding Candidates
Telephone screening – Engaging candidates
Getting Referrals
Candidate Interviews / Screening
Candidate Presentation / Marketing
Scheduling and Managing the Interview process
Managing Candidates
Negotiating – Closing the Deal
Background Checks – References
HR and On-Boarding
Follow-up – Employee Retention
Running a recruiting desk (Planning, Ratios and Daily Routine)

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